June 14, 2018 Taylor Scott

What Really Matters

We work hard.

We stress.

We worry.

We stay frustrated.

We worry some more.

And then we eventually get around to finally spending time with family and friends away from work, but the hamster wheel doesn’t stop, and before we know it we’re right back on it Monday morning.

I’m all for working hard, staying focused, and attacking deliverables with urgency.  We can all agree we’d rarely accomplish much of anything without consistent, focused hustle. By the same token, I’m sure far too often we’ve all been there, so buried and consumed in our work that we begin to miss out on life.

I can remember a conversation with my Dad not too long ago.  Now that I think about it, I’d made a few comments which basically fit together nicely for what inevitably sounded like a Top Ten Worries List.

Dad listened, as usual, and then once I got it all out he said, “None of that really matters in the long run…

Every now and then it’s important to stop, take a twenty-second time out, and look around.  If we’re go, go, go all the time, especially mentally with our minds racing about this To Do or That One, it’s nice to be reminded or to remind ourselves of what really matters.


This past weekend our family met up in Seattle to see each other for a long weekend.  We proudly went to see my uncle, Nick Desantis, star in the Village Theater’s production of Hairspray.  My wife’s family lives in Seattle as well, so we had one, big ol’ fashioned family weekend, Clark Griswold style, right here at the start of summer.  We ate, drank, shopped, laughed, ate some more, and enjoyed each other’s company.

Leading up to the trip, I’d worried about the likelihood of rain all weekend.  I was stressed about what we’d do if and when it rained.  That was all wasted worrying and none of that really mattered at all.

What did matter were the precious moments, fun with the family, and memories made which will forever be shared with each other over more drinks, food, and roundtable conversations to come.

That’s the transferable beauty of enjoying the ride at work and in our lives away from the office.

When we worry less and open ourselves up to enjoy more, we not only realize what really matters in life and at work, but we also create meaningful experiences for those around us – our Teams, our Friends, and even our Families.


When corporate corporateness gets so suffocating and tedious, force yourself to take a quick twenty-second time out.  Look around and ask yourself (or your team) what really matters.  Chances are you’ll realize those things you’re worried so much about don’t really matter at all.

Thanks to my Dad for always reminding me and so many others to work hard, for sure, but to make time for fun, with a perspective on what really matters. Few things in life are more important than time spent together with loved ones, creating memories for years to come.

Happy Father’s Day Weekend to all Dads, but mostly my Pops!



PS:  When you truly enjoy the ride and wear fun jackets, you can’t stop the beat!