What Happens in Celebration


I’m all for celebrating the victories, big and small, along the way, but it’s important we remember what often happens in the midst of celebration.

It’s even more important that we stay grounded, focusing on who we’re becoming as opposed to what we’ve accomplished.

In Celebration, we often:


  • Become consumed with ourselves and forget about what’s important – relationships with family, friends, and those on our teams


  • Think we’re invincible


  • Think we’re above everyone else


  • Rub others the wrong way


  • Talk down to people, placing ourselves on a pedestal, hurting others in the process


  • Chase records as opposed to unleashing compassion for others


  • Stop listening to suggestions because we think we’re perfect and can do no wrong


  • All of a sudden, we become the pot calling the kettle black, as we become everything we told ourselves we wouldn’t; then we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place:


“…do we continue on in celebration,  fronting like we’re awesome, awe-inspiring, and can do no wrong?  Or do we act like we’ve been there before, and act accordingly, remaining calm, cool, and collected, staying true to ourselves and making it all about what we can do for others while revealing our true character we know resides deep down inside?”


There are probably 1,390 other things which can and do happen, in CELEBRATION.

Remember, life happens in seasons.  We’re on top of the world one minute and wondering why the entire world is seemingly against us the next.  That means the same is true for others as well.  Those on our teams, in our communities, and even in our families.  This is an opportunity for real leaders, true coaches in fact, to step up, and make a positive impact in someone’s life at a time when they need it.

Regardless of the season, lead with love and compassion for other people in your life.


Because the feeling of fulfillment, meaning, and purpose for which we’re all striving is waiting for us in that space just after we love intentionally, unleashing compassion to everybody in our midst.

Celebration is overrated.

Compassion should be the new corporate headquarters, the sentiment from which all decisions, all initiatives, and all conversations are derived.

Unleash compassion, even when you have things to celebrate.  You’ll be the leader, mentor, friend, or family member who always, always, always makes people feel welcome, comfortable, and important.

You’ll also feel welcomed home, to that place in your heart and mind where you’re completely content, with no real need to boast or celebrate anything at all.

We can either chase records or unleash compassion.

I know which route I’m taking.

What about you?


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