June 14, 2017 Taylor Scott

Watching, Learning From, and Loving My Best Man

The easiest decision I ever made was to ask my wife to marry me.

The second easiest decision I ever made was to ask my Dad to be my Best Man.

I’ve watched him all my life, and learned most of what I know to this day from my observations.

I love it all.

Among so many little nuggets, tid bits, and pearls of “Dad wisdom”, probably the most important things I’ve learned are:

  • Work Hard, but get home in time for dinner

  • Have Fun

  • Listen!

  • Love God and Love People

Dad sets out (always has) to crush it at his job, in his career, and in the community back home, in Grayson, KY. But he’s always home in time for dinner (and always was growing up.) Even if he went back to the office late at night to read, prepare, or do whatever lawyers do, he never missed quality time at home at the kitchen table with us, and he sure never missed our basketball games.

As hard as he works (and has worked), he has no shortage of FUN. Growing up I always took note of Dad’s ability to make people laugh, add levity to even the most dramatic and “serious situations”, and make sure people around him had FUN. He also values and appreciates time away with family and friends – i.e. – VACATION, TRAVELING, and all-things-SUMMER! Perhaps this is why I love pretty much all of the above, to this day, as an adult.

He has to do his fair share of consulting and sharing advice, as an attorney, but his entire life he’s had to listen to people – his clients, his friends, and his family (throughout my progression from adolescence into adulthood, many, many hours spent listening to me go on and on and on and on about fill-in-the-blank topic – work, career, or how I could coach the Kentucky Wildcats better than Rick Pitino, Tubby Smith, or Coach Cal…and most certainly better than Billy Gillespie…)

Every Sunday morning, growing up, I watched my Dad at church. Whether it was rolling in his Sunday best, passing the offering plate to each aisle, and/or giving the prayer before communion, I watched, listened, and loved every minute of my Dad’s faith in God as well as his love and compassion for people.

Always loved watching him become a great lawyer, but I never wanted to be one!

I’ve messed up so many times in my life – personally and professionally. I used to spend (or waste) so much time, energy, and mental capacity obsessed with being perfect – making straight A’s, not turning the ball over as the Point Guard (um…big fail there…), and ultimately nailing it in every job, every life circumstance, or opportunity.

However, Dad told me once, “perfect is the enemy of ‘best’…if you’re always trying to be perfect, you’ll never do your best…

That took the pressure off then, and still reminds me to relax and enjoy the ride, today.

My Dad is not only my best man, but the principles by which he lives, loves, and ultimately teaches others are some of the best pieces of advice any leader, in any industry, could apply to their day to day lives at work and at home.

For leaders or those aspiring for leadership roles, perhaps the most important questions to ask ourselves are:

If people are watching us, what are they learning?

Do they love what they see?

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads, especially my Dad, the best man I know!


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  1. Donna Alexander

    Having grown up loving and knowing the DeSantis family I in turn keot up with your Dad because he married Mary Cass DeSantis. Wonderful family. He always presented himself with dignity with his family, his law practice and his community. Jeff you and Mary have raised a wonderful son that loves his Dad. Donna Alexander

  2. Bonnie Shimek

    Wonderful tribute to your dad, Hon … and allowing your faith to grow because of what he’s taught you? Well, that’s to YOUR credit as well! We must listen, BUT THEN WE MUST LEARN … sounds like you’re doing that, and I, for one, continue to pray as you forge ahead with your goals, your dreams, and your special gift of family! God bless you and your sweet wife (which I hope to meet one day!) as you make your journey together. Just keep your eye on Him at every turn. He’ll not let you down. GENESIS 31:49b

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