October 13, 2017 Taylor Scott

The Struggle is real (and everywhere)

I can’t believe he said that.

Wait.  We seriously have to have a meeting before the meeting to finalize the Power Point, before the call?

They don’t do anything over there.

She’s like, so rude…

Sweet.  Another new process which won’t get executed properly and will change again, six times, before next week.

I may actually be in this same role until I’m seventy-eight years old. They’ll never promote me.

I feel so suffocated and micromanaged and belittled and…well…I’m just so over it.


Sound familiar? Sound like where you work?

If not, congratulations on being the 1% of the 1% who don’t have blame, gossip, controlling ‘managers’ as opposed to dynamic, compassionate leaders, (did I mention gossip?), collaboration overload, doubt, and fear running wild in your organization, group, team, company, or community.

I don’t have actual, empirical PhD-level research to prove my “1% of the 1%” statement. However, I’m fairly certain we all face the adversities, misfortunes, and annoying corporate corporateness listed above, regardless of our rank, role, title, business, occupation, or industry.

How can I be so sure?

It turns out, that while I can’t prove the whole “1% of 1%” thing, I can confidently say that 100% of the people reading this post, working in your company, or living in your home or community are HUMAN BEINGS. As in, they are human…not perfect.

After much denial, self-deliberation, and struggling with it for years, somewhere along the way I realized I’m not perfect either; far from it. I still have to catch myself, and remind that fella in the mirror that while I strive for excellence, expecting perfection from myself, my team, or my company is just a FastPass to new realms of frustration and disappointment. Am I the only one? Or do you feel me? Same for you, I bet…

So what do we do about it?

First off, realize that you’re not alone in those annoyed/mad/scared feelings you have, where you work.

Not only are people on your own team and in your own company feeling those same things, guess what? People in the company on the other side of the road, in that other industry, across the country in that state where we think it would be so much better, yeah they’re feeling it too.

So while it’s always a good look to stay hip to opportunities for growth, more money, more balance, more responsibility, and more of what life has to offer; it’s short sighted to think that all the many issues, frustrations, worries, doubts, and fears won’t be waiting for us when we get to that next job, city, company, or magical place where the grass is greener.

We have a choice.

We can jump into the warm, comfortable waters of commiseration with everyone else at the office.


We can decide to not only make a difference, we can actually be the difference.

All it takes is a quick mindset shift.

Simple shifts like:

• Being grateful for what we do have vs. pining after what we don’t have.  When we’re grateful, it’s physically impossible to be negative.

• Focusing a little more on relationships as well as those ever-important-earth-shattering-life-altering results we’re asked to produce.

• Unleashing compassion as opposed to holding grudges

• Engaging in meaningful, interested conversation with “those people” at work instead of avoiding them at all costs



The struggle is real. It’s so, very real.  But it’s real everywhere.  That’s life.  We all face it. And we all have a choice as to how we go about navigating it.

Choose wisely, and live happily ever after.

Most of the time “how” we get there is more important than actually getting there.  As my grandfather, Bill Scott, used to say about certain misfortunes or happenings, “…well, that’s the way it bounces, ball-wise…”  And then he’d go right on, living life, enjoying the blessings around him, and making the best out of every situation.

Not a bad strategy.

Have a great day (wherever you are).



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