October 29, 2017 Taylor Scott

People Loving People

Every company has problems to solve, results to deliver, and issues to overcome.

Every team has dynamics. Some are positive, and others are negative.

Every person has thoughts, dreams, goals, and aspirations.

They also have worries, doubts, fears, confusion, and nervous energy as they fight those inevitable, mental battles every single day.

Brands can be sexy, with mantras, taglines, slogans, and even sleekly designed logos.

We can hype, tweet, Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat our products, services, and “awesomeness” all we want.

Executives can push, drive, harp, and demand all day and night.

Still problems must be solved. Team dynamics must be improved. Worries, doubts, fears, and confusion must still be suppressed. Mindsets have to be managed.

Actually, mindsets must be inspired.

Results don’t happen unless or until people are compelled to deliver them.

Issues don’t get resolved on their own. Instead it takes intentional, purposeful people in the right frame of mind to realize compromise not only gives way to resolutions of problems but also new solutions perhaps we never knew were possible.

For leaders, the quickest way to engage people to foster a culture of inspired relationships, conversations, and compromise is to simply lead with love.

It’s not about chasing records.

It’s not only about results.

Results are important, but without relationships results don’t happen.

Without love relationships are impossible.

The first role of leadership, in any setting, is cultivating a culture of people loving people.

“All the colors and the cultures circle ’round us on a spindle
It’s a complicated riddle, the solution is so simple…

It’s people loving people…

That’s the enemy of everything’s that’s evil
Ain’t no quick fix at the end of a needle
It’s just people loving people” – Garth Brooks

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