July 16, 2017 Taylor Scott

It’s In There. Tap Into It.

I recently participated in the first spin class of my life, at the Renaissance ClubSport, in Aliso Viejo, CA. It was awesome.

Great music, while burning over 1,000 calories, and every article of clothing was soaked! The class instructor, about midway through the first sprint block, encouraged us as we kicked it up a notch.

She was great. She said, “…it’s in there…tap into it!

For the rest of the class, I couldn’t stop thinking about that simple yet profound statement.

Sometimes when life gets tedious and we’re not feeling the magic, it’s easy to get down. We think we’ll never quite measure up. We think we’re not good enough. We even think this just may be as far as we can go, or maybe we feel like this is as good as we can or will ever be.

We’re all human beings. Jeepers. It’s ok. It happens.

But, hold up. Not so fast.

Sometimes when we find ourselves in a valley, all we need is a quick jolt. Often times, in order to get that jolt, we have to do something outside our comfort zones. That’s when we’re forced to dig deep, and we find out who we really are.

Think about it.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re an adult who’s lived a pretty full and active life thus far. You’ve no doubt had some really bad awful seasons, but you’ve likely had just as many (if not more) absolutely fantastic seasons. You’ve come up short a time or two, but you’ve also overcome adversity with your faith, your character, and drive.

Whatever hill you’re climbing at the moment, and whatever is getting you down, remember there’s something in you, deep down, that can get you over the hump. It did before, and it will again.

It’s in there. Tap into it.

If you’re having a hard time tapping into it, here’s a quick Fast Pass – Draw Up a New Play for yourself. Do something out of the ordinary, completely outside your comfort zone.

You just need a jolt, and perhaps just one more step into the uncomfortable unknown.  That’s when and where you’ll find it; almost automatically.  Because you won’t quit, and you won’t let yourself fall short.  You’ll come out on the other side of this season better than you were before it.

It’s in there. Tap into it.

That’s why I wrote a book about all the lessons from our coaches we never knew we needed way back then. We all played something, participated in something, or we had coaches along the way who taught us so many pearls of wisdom. Ballgames To Boardrooms is all about tapping into what we already have in us, what we’ve already been taught but may have forgotten.

When we dig deep, and apply today what our coaches taught us back then, it’s amazing how menial tasks become meaningful work, relationships flourish rather than flounder, and we start seeing and feeling ourselves becoming more successful and more fulfilled in the process.

August 15th is the day Ballgames To Boardrooms: Leadership, Business, and Life Lessons From Our Coaches launches.

Amazon.com already gave us some shelf space here!

If you’re having a brutal week, month, or season, it’s in there…tap into it.

If someone you know is in the midst of one of those days, weeks, or months, share this with them, and let them know.

It’s in there…tap into it.

Have a great day.