June 29, 2012 Taylor Scott

FRED Friday…Meet the i-phone CODE RED Freds

FRED Friday…Meet the i-phone Code RED Freds
Left to Right: Josh, Allen…THANKS Fellas!
Six months ago I made the inevitable jump from Blackberry to i-phone.  If you’re a fellow i-phoner, you’ll relate…if you’ve yet to make the jump, you will.  It’s only a matter of time.
This week I experienced a CODE RED.  My i-phone wasn’t all the way broken or inoperable, but a few key features/components were a bit out of whack.  When I got home from work and realized that the PHONE WOULDN’T ACCEPT A CHARGE, I made the decision that it was getting resolved that night.  After all, if it couldn’t accept a charge (and I was already nearing the dreaded 20% battery power threshold), and if/when the battery power ran out, how could I possibly function? 😉
Bonnie…the Apple Store – Town Square Las Vegas
(side note – I was in full on gym clothes, following a workout, and it was approaching 9pm)
I walked into the Apple Store at Town Square Las Vegas, and immediately opened up a conversation with a quick Hi-5 with Bonnie, telling her that I had a CODE RED and I was in need of a magical moment.  Unfortunately, despite my desperate story, Bonnie broke the news to me that their Genius Bar closed at 8pm.  I, of course, took some swings at persuading her in a different direction.  No dice.
However, Bonnie didn’t quit on me.  She said, “hold on one second”… as she logged into the nearest MacBook, she booked me for an open appointment time at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store at Caesar’s Forum Shops for 10:20pm. 
Bonnie didn’t say “no”, nor did she say, “I don’t know”…she said, “I’m not sure but let me find out for you…” and she was genuinely interested in helping me.  In fact, she went OneMoreStep and looked up my Apple account, confirmed that I did, in fact have ‘Apple Care’, and further calmed my nerves when she told me, “they will take good care of you, for sure…don’t worry.”  Thanks, Bonnie, for the nice touch.  (I’ll definitely be back in…)
Josh & Allen…the Apple Store – Caesar’s Forum Shops
I zipped down to the Caesar’s Forum Shops (mind you, still in said gym clothes, approaching 9:30pm at this point) a bit early, with hopes that they could squeeze me in early.  They did! 
Josh not only listened to my story intently at the Genius Bar, but he also stopped me politely along the way to clarify and further understand the situation and the severity of my self proclaimed – CODE RED.  He was interested
He then proceeded to explain all of the possible reasons the device was behaving the way it was.  He didn’t stop there.  He continued, almost as if he were delivering a speech or an official Apple Training Class.  He explained the why’s, the how’s, and he gave me a list of options for resolution…all of which were comforting, reassuring, and very educational as he literally taught me what was going on and offered clear expectations for what would happen for the remainder of my experience in the store, as they would ultimately give me a replacement phone. 
Josh did all of this  – served me, taught me, entertained me, and ultimately set me up with a brand new, replacement i-phone (free of charge {Apple Care is the answer!}) while also assisting four other Guests’ issues…basically simultaneously.  Thanks, Josh…for the service and the official Apple Training class.  I will be back…
Allen caught me near the end of my experience, as I was finishing up with Josh.  He assisted me with a couple simple questions I had…but struck up a conversation as I was trying to save some of my fave pictures from my old phone.  Not only did he suggest some creative ways to save the pics, he taught me MORE stuff!
Allen gave me some pointers on how to easily navigate the logistics and mechanics of the replacement i-phone – how easy was to get all my old apps right back on the new device, etc.  He also did all of this while assisting two other parties with their issues as well.  Dynamic. 
At the outset of my conversation with Allen, I had mentioned that my car was parked in valet (which closed at 11pm), and that I was nervous about making it back there in time.  Fifteen minutes later, in mid conversation, Allen reminded me with concern, “Sir, just to let you…you have five minutes until 11pm, if you’re concerned with your car…however, I’m here ‘till midnight, so even though we do close our store at 11pm, I’m happy to help you out as long as you like.”  Now, that is just cool…and very Fred-Like.  Thanks, Allen, for sharing your knowledge.
So what I thought was going to be a nerve racking, anxiety filled experience to fix my i-phone actually turned out to be interesting, educational, relaxing, comforting, and actually a fun adventure
All thanks to the i-PHONE CODE RED FREDS, Bonnie, Josh, & Allen…much like Fred the Postman, their passion, creativity, and commitment literally turned my ordinary customer service experience into an extraordinaryevening…
I’ll be TEAM i-Phone for the foreseeable future because of it…
Go OneMoreStep, today…make your interactions with Guests, clients, teams, partners, and leaders – interesting, educational, relaxing, comforting, and even adventurous…you’ll make an impact, and you’ll be the true difference that matters to them.
Happy FRED Friday.


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