April 19, 2017 Taylor Scott

Best Part of My Day

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved sunsets.  No matter where I find myself, where I’ve lived, or stage of my life, I just love that time of day.  It’s just beautiful, and it makes me happy.  Maybe it’s from childhood memories of shooting hoops outside until that final glimmer of daylight faded to night.  It was always so peaceful, relaxing, and calming.  Even now, “sunset” time is the best part of my day.

Same goes for some special people in our lives at work.  They’re just beautiful.  They calm us down, and they make us happy in the midst of otherwise stupid, annoying, gross, and down right frustrating situations.

An excerpt from my forthcoming book:

Ballgames To Boardrooms: Lessons From Our Coaches We Never Knew We Needed

Usually, in every job or situation there’s a person who has a way of making it all better.

Do you know them? Maybe you have one or two in your life, and you’re thinking about them now. They’re the people who make a rainy day seem bright and sunny, an aggravating project fun, and they can even make a boring email hilarious.

Consider with me for a second the coach, teacher, leader, parent, friend, coworker, or family member who instantly comes to mind. You know, that person in your life who is:

  • Encouraging, and your biggest cheerleader no matter what

  • Accepting of your weirdness because they see it as unique and special

  • Rooting for you even when others root against you

  • Forgiving every time you mess up and fall short

  • Friends with everyone; not because they have to, but because they want to

  • Inspiring with their unconditional love and compassion toward anyone in their midst

What would you do without them? For starters, you’d feel less encouraged, less forgiven, less inspired, and you’d probably have one or two fewer people to call true friends, confidantes or advocates.

Whoever they are, and whether it’s at home or at work, we love that person in our lives. We light up when we see them in the office. Sometimes just a quick glimpse, email, instant message, or a text from them calms our nerves, chills us out, and makes us smile.

They’re such a blessing. Work would suck without them.

As awesome as they are, who says we can’t also be that person for others?

It’s time. We can. I can. You can. With compassion and compromise at the forefront of our hearts and minds, that person we’ll absolutely be.

Sure, when others look up to you or turn to you, always watching and listening to what you say or when people begin doing what you’ve encouraged them to do, the responsibility on your shoulders can be daunting. But that’s leadership. Remember it’s “accepting the challenge to influence” which makes leaders, leaders.

You can do it. It all starts with compassion and having an attitude of an advocate. Want to be a game-changer? Want to really step up, influence, improve, inspire, and change lives?

For your own life, do you want less frustration, hurt, despair, and depression? Me, too.

Have an Attitude of an Advocate

Compassion is the answer.  It’s always been the answer.

This attitude of an advocate is even more than an attitude; it’s an overwhelming spirit. When you decide to be that person to others, you’ll be changed for good. You won’t be able to shake it and you’ll become the leader you never knew you could be. How will you feel it? How will you know you’re leading? After weeks and weeks and months and months of conversation after conversation, you’ll turn around and see a line of people following you or lining up to work with you. They’ll lean into your leadership, coaching, and direction because you’ll have proven just how much you care about them and their future.

This spirit and attitude is one of compassion, grace, mercy and love.

If you’ve ever been encouraged or inspired, touched, motivated, or personally changed by someone, you know how unbelievable it feels. If you haven’t, that’s okay, because guess what? When you become that person for people in the office, at the gym, at your “dumb job” or especially at home, and when you’re the encourager, inspirer, forgiver, and motivator, you’ll feel an overwhelming spirit, and it will be so, so good.

Your heart will be so full of grace and love that your mind will forget all about the frustrating, demoralizing corporate corporateness of your daily grind.

You can’t go wrong with GRACE and LOVE.  They’ll always be the best parts of your day.  Count on it.


Who’s the best part of your day, at work?

Post a comment, sharing who ‘that person’ is for you, and why.  Or share this post, and tag them in your ‘share’ or ‘comment’. 

Let them know just how special they are, and how much you appreciate them and love them.  They deserve to feel a little love today, and you do too… 

To feel love, give love.

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  1. Tim Kennedy

    Thanks for the article Taylor! Reading this is a great way to start my day.

  2. Jenna

    Wow, this is truly perfect timing! Amazing read, thank you!

  3. Brandy Kirton

    Very inspiring Taylor perfect way to reflect and no you absolutely cannot go wrong with “Grace and Love”

  4. Michelle Bishop

    Taylor, I love what you have written in this sneak peek. It is a great reminder to thank those people who have played such an important part in your life that have help shape you personally and professionally. And, to try harder to be that person for others. Can’t wait for the whole book!

  5. David

    Taylor, I feel like you wrote this article for me. While I don’t have that special person at work any longer, I have precious memories to remind me what a wonderful friend I had and will always stay in contact with them. You are doing a great job and I will be the first person to buy your book!

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