June 5, 2018 Taylor Scott

Be A Graduate Advocate

Congrats to the Class of 2018 – East Carter High School Raiders, Florida Southern College Mocs, and Cornell Big Red #RepresentYourNation

Be A Graduate Advocate

‘Tis the season for Graduation.

Graduates, at every level – Kindergarten, High School, College, Graduate Schools, and Doctorate Programs – are turning the page, entering the next chapter of their lives.

While exciting and gratifying, and no doubt feeling accomplished, graduates may be experiencing other emotions as they enter into this season of their lives.

Remember that season in your career?

It’s exciting, but also daunting.

Unknowns.  Next level challenges.  New people.  New cities. New homes.  New coworkers.  New leaders. New businesses.  New jobs. 

In many ways, this is a season of uneasiness, worry, doubt, fear, and anxiety, for so many talented, dynamic graduates.

Whether you work in an organization hosting a graduate for a summer job before they head off to college, or if you’re on the receiving end of a high potential candidate for a full-time opportunity on your team, this season could be a game changer.

Few seasons are as important as the first few weeks, days, or even moments a new person joins a team.  Think about your first job out of high school, college, or even grad school. How were you treated?  How were you welcomed into the fray?  Or, maybe it didn’t go so well.  Perhaps you weren’t exactly welcomed, and it felt like the awkward moment in the cafeteria in school, looking for a table where you’d be accepted.

I’d be willing to bet the extent to which you were made to feel welcome, comfortable, and/or important upon arrival is/was directly correlated to how long you stayed with that organization and how much impact you made for your boss, team, or company.

‘Tis the season for graduation.  Once the celebrations are in the books, a new page is turned.  The natural highs of accomplishment, excitement, and congratulations will soon be replaced with uneasiness, nervousness, and relationship tension, for graduates entering new jobs.

Dynamic leaders with respected organizations will make these graduates feel accepted and significant as they welcome them into their “work families”.  In turn, those leaders and well-respected organizations will receive significant contributions from their new team members.

Less dynamic leaders will miss this opportunity to make their new hires feel welcomed, comfortable, and important.  Nine months from now, they’ll be looking for yet another replacement in the roles for which their 2018 graduate was initially hired.

People stay where they feel welcome, contribute where they feel comfortable, and become purposeful where they feel important.

Be a “Graduate Advocate”

They’ll have an advocate in you, and you’ll have a devoted, loyal teammate for years to come.

Congrats to all the 2018 Grads and to the organizations lucky enough to welcome them into their teams.

Have a great day.